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Why are we doing it

Nature is breathing. All of us have found means to de-stress ourselves in isolation. But our front line workers continue to be in huge stress. They’ve to save people with constrained resources. They see people die. And when they go back home for some warmth, no one wants to go near them, let alone give a much needed hug.

While Indore is seeing an unprecedented rise in Covid-19 cases, our doctors and police force are grappling with the shortage of PPEs. We, the people of Indore have decided to guard our heroes by providing them with Face Shields. A face shield can go a long way in protecting the frontline workers against Coronavirus.


Indore is screaming for help. Everyday it sees not only more cases of coronavirus than before but also more and more officers getting quarantined. We require more, not less workers on the field. We can't afford to see any of our heroes getting quarantined anymore. We are doing it for the society with pure intention to serve. We need your support to maximally safeguard each and every frontline worker in these times of crisis. Each one of us is responding to the crisis in our own way and we are fortunate enough to be doing it from the comfort of our homes. It becomes our responsibility to guard these frontline warriors who are working persistently to save thousands of lives and ensure that we are safe.

Support the Face Shields' initiative by donating for the cause. Your donations will be utilised in producing and supplying the Face Shields for the health workers and Police personnel in and around Indore.

One shield costs around 25rs to produce. Every shield donated protects not just shield bearers but also their families and their fellow workers.



Face shields are personal protective equipment devices that cover the entire face to protect the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays and spatter of body fluids. One must remember that Coronavirus is not transmitted through air but droplets. This makes these shields very effective against spread of the virus.

We, at Indorecares design Face Shields by using economic raw materials. We have used open source design by Maker’s Asylum to manufacture these shields in Indore.

Features of a Face Shield:

  • Made of clear plastic and provides good visibility
  • Fog resistant and breathable
  • Entirely covers the sides and length of the face
  • Adjustable elastic band to attach firmly around the head and fits comfortably against the forehead.
  • Replaceable Screen

I need faceshields

If you require Face Shields or wish to request for someone else who is at the frontline of the war against COVID -19, do let us know your requirements by filling up this form.

Your request will be added to our production and delivery queue. We shall try to deliver to you at the earliest.

About US

Indore Cares is a campaign set off by young enthusiasts to develop and supply Face Shields, for safeguarding the front line workers who are fighting against Covid-19. Our campaign was inspired by Venture Center, Pune and is being Supported by Gramiksha. The design credit goes to Maker’s Asylum, Mumbai. We believe that in these testing times protecting the frontlines warriors who enter the battlefield everyday is the need of the hour and supplying Face Shields is one way of guarding them.

Spread the word. Let’s do our bit by protecting the frontliners.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us

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